coordinating efforts..

Pat Wendorf
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 20:57:54 -0500

> It's becoming painfully clear just how reduntant our prototyping efforts are
> becoming.. maybe, as project coordinator, you could help us remedy the
> situation.

I agree that there is a situation.  How to remedy it may get
complicated.  It's
human nature to become attached to what you create (see: parents
relationship to children :-).  There are currently many different
ideas and
prototypes that have come from Tunes and related projects, that
people have put
a lot of work into.  Only if the creators were willing to
compromise (on names,
and format, and procedures, not concepts), and everyone was
willing to work
together on one common project (impossible?) will the redundancy
be eliminated.
I'd love to see this happen, but I will first need people to be
willing to get
together somehow and find out how to put all these ideas together
in a whole
unified system.

However, it may be good to have multiple ideas, at this point. 
What I mention above should happen eventually, but may not be
necessary at this point. The more ideas, the better the chances
of getting it right. (just my opinion)

> Find out what people are working on, and how seriously. What
> looks promising? What's special about each one? What do they have in common?


Ok, this is a message to all Tunes and related members:

        1)      What are you working on.
        2)      How serious are you about your project.


See, it's easy when you ask :)

> BTW, for the web page, you should just put up a new main page to start with.
> Don't worry about the sub-pages... there's plenty of information there for
> people to wade through.. more than any other OS project. That's a good
> thing. Just take what bineng drew up, put in a nice blurb about what TUNES
> is (about half a page.. hmm, I could write it), with navigation links, and
> news on the bottom. Just do it :)

Why not take a vote right now:  Those of you who wish for the
page to change
over to the new format, please say so.

The new format is located at:

Even if everyone says yes, we still need some people to help with
the web page (finishing).  I try to do some, but find I have
little time to get to any web authoring (even the UniOS project
is not being updated enough).  So if anyone knows anything about
making web pages (it's not hard), maybe some of you lurkers?  It
can help us greatly.

Pat Wendorf
ICQ: 1503733