reflections (and guarana) etc..

Alexandre Oliva
10 Jul 1999 03:07:01 -0300

On Jul 10, 1999, Basile STARYNKEVITCH <> wrote:

> Guarana is a reflective architecture above Java VM. (It is also a
> coffee like drink in Brezil).

Actually, it's not really like coffee.  The flavor of guaraná
soft-drinks is completely unlike any other beverage I've ever had, but 
it *looks* somewhat like Champagne.  I wish there was a MIME encoding
for flavors :-D

> I mailed Alexandre O. and he is interested about Tunes. Perhaps a
> newmember in mind?

Quite possible :-)

> (To Alexandre O.: Tunes is still a lot of interesting vaporware... 
> The principal Tunes contributor is Faré Rideau)

So is MOLDS, the Meta-Object Library for Distributed Systems, that's
one of the ``applications'' I intend to develop during my PhD to
validate the meta-object protocol of Guaraná, in particular, the
meta-object composition mechanisms.

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