Al's hypothesis

Alan Grimes
Sun, 11 Jul 1999 09:56:37 -0700

I've been reading GEB:EGB again, and late at nyte too I'm affraid and I have
been trying to formulate some ideas I've had over the past six months or so into
an more coherent idea.

Here are some randomly generated strings for your consideration.

-A computer is a construct of meta-information.

-Any unambiguous form of information can be used to make a computer.

The above should be fairly standard... I hope =P Below are some ideas that are
either quite profound or simply express my lack of understanding...

-Any ordered set of numbers communicates a unique message.

-The code used for translating messages in any language into ordered sets of
numbers is universal....

-With a system of ordered sets of numbers a "Natural Computer" can be created.

=\ Is this cool or are you calling the nearest mental hospital? 

Pyramid schemes are illegal.
Social Security is a pyramid scheme.