An Unconventional, Nifty, and Eclectic Proprosal

Jim Little
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 03:49:15 -0600

Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:
> > Why not turn TUNES' liability into its best trait?  Let's make TUNES a
> > meeting place where people can discuss ideas, request help, and discuss
> > flaws without fear of censure or mockery.
> NO! There's already for discussion of generic OS ideas.
> I strongly oppose any motion to make TUNES less than it already it.

Fair enough.  TUNES is your project.

To everybody here:

I've started a new mailing list devoted to the kind of discussion I
discussed in my original message.  To summarize, it's a mailing list
devoted to the discussion of unconventional computing ideas of any
sort.  (Not just OS ideas.)  Essentially, it's meant to be an incubator
for new projects, where people can discuss their ideas and get feedback
during that first stage when nobody else cares about their project.  :)

I've called the mailing list "Synergy."  It's hosted at  To
subscribe, send an empty message to   (Don't forget the leading "s_".)

It's not my intention to compete with or pull anybody away from the
TUNES project.  I think the Synergy group can overlap with the TUNES
project without any problems.  I wanted to found Synergy, though,
because it seems there's a lot of people on the TUNES list who are more
interested in the discussing their own projects than in achieving Fare's
vision for TUNES.  The Synergy list will provide a place for us to talk
without disrupting the TUNES list.

So once again, if you're working on an unconventional computing project
and want to discuss it in a friendly, non-competetive environment,
subscribe to the Synergy list.  You'll be welcome.