"Job" Opportunities

Francois-Rene Rideau fare@tunes.org
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 15:49:38 +0200

Dear Tunespeople,
   since I'll be trying to be a better leader,
I want to define a list of opportunities for potential Tunes contributor.
I'll ask you refine them, and when it's in some good enough shape,
I'll make a web page out of it.

* Web master:
 Your job will consist in integrating data input
 from the Tunes collaboration channel into a usable web site.
 Current TODOs include maintaining the pages better,
 making them coherent, finding a web developer (see below).
 Constraints: see below

* Web developer:
 to help the web master, you'll develop a database for the
 Review page, the news page, the Glossary, etc.
 1) operations should be reversible (=versioning), especially
 since people of divergent opinions will concurrently modify things
 2) should be eventually migratable to tunes.
 Advice: either generate pages off-line from CVS'ed files
 as is currently done, or use CL-HTTP for on-line data processing.

* Language developer:
 your job will be to write an open compiler for a LISP family language,
 that can be integrated into TUNES
 1) should quickly be free of C code to allow RTCG on the bare hardware,
  as well as easier code analysis.
 2) should work on the bare hardware (retro, clementine, whatever)
  as well as OTOP
 Advice: once you define a suitable target virtual machine,
 you can parallelize (with the help of other people) development
 of the compiler and of the runtime support.
 In a first time, you may assume read from your Scheme (or CL) implementation.
 Later, you could reuse the parsing algorithm described in the CLHS.

* OS developer:
 your job will be to grok and integrate oskit drivers
 (or directly linux drivers) into retro, clementine,
 or another dynamic component-based infrastructure.

* Language Theorist:
 your job will be to help formalize the theory of reflective languages.
 Contact fare@tunes.org if you have the proper qualifications, or are willing
 to acquire them within 6 months.

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