Back from Reflection'99

Francois-Rene Rideau
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 20:18:27 +0200

Dear Tunespeople,
   I'm in St-Malo, where Reflection'99 <>
is just finished. There very interesting presentations, very interesting
people, among whom a few old friends, and a few new friends (and also
people with whom I can't seem to become friend). Phone connection from
a hotel between two meetings is not such a great way to be internet
connected, so I'll tell more later.

I also wanted to announce a completely new and revised version
of my article "On the Notion of Implementation",
with an illustration based on Concurrent Garbage Collection.
I submitted it to POPL'00 <>
a few minutes before the deadline, so it's too late for pre-submit
comments (I'd like to thank my fellow PhD student Fabien Delpiano
for the very productive help he gave during the last few days and nights).

The article is in
the full LaTeX sources are available at
I hope it's more readable than in its previous form.
Actually, I hope it's readable enough to be accepted by the POPL committee!
Answers on September 27. Meanwhile, comments welcome.

Hum. I have no more excuse to not begin coding. Or maybe I can instead
write this controversial paper on the notion of universal language,
or make lambdaND readable and split it so as to submit it somewhere...

Well, in any case, see you soon!

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