Reflection, Non-determinism, and the Lambda-Calculus

Francois-Rene Rideau
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 20:42:30 +0100

Dear Tunespeople,
   I'm sorry to have neglected you.
I've been writing that article I submitted to Reflection'99:
	"Reflection, Non-Determinism and the Lambda-Calculus".
It is available just for your eyes in a temporary location:
In DVI, PS, and source format.
Until the paper is accepted or rejected, and publication issues are resolved,
I must ask you to not openly republish it :-(

Let me warn you that the article is quite theoretical.
It describes essential concerns about the specification of a reflective system.
It solves many issues, but brings even more open issues.

Many thanks to Fergus Henderson (of Mercury fame)
for his many useful comments already.
More comments, corrections, fixes, etc, most welcome!

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