Where's everyone gone?

Pat Wendorf beholder@ican.net
Thu, 04 Mar 1999 18:52:50 -0500

Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

> Are there any news from those who proposed
> to take over project administration (Beholder),

Not much new has come to me (project wise) in my e-mail for a long while.  I have
lost most (all) of my IRC time, so I can't do much with the project there
unfortunatly (for thoese of you who have not visited the #TUNES channel, it is
where a lot of the work gets done).  Hell, I've even been neglecting my own (UniOS)
project for the last little while.  School work has seemed to sap most of my free
time away (contrary to my orignal thoughts on the subject, who'd have thought a
school of applied arts and technology (notice technology as the second part of the
name ;), would have so much innane repetetive work to be done).   But this is just
mindless complaining, sorry to bother you all with it :)

> to revamp the review project (ultima)

> to the Tunes web page layout (binEng),

Ususally Bin and I talk on a daily basis, but for the last month or two, I may have
spoken with him on two occasions.  I do believe his school/family/work life has
gotten the better of him also.  This is only a guess, he may be able to explain
things better.

> to publish a GPL nokernel framework (core),
> or any other actions?

I asked a while back what, and if, anyone was working on anything, and I got a lot
of good responses, I just assumed that when they completed their tasks, they would
contribute them somehow.  I guess it's just taking a long time to get anything
done.  No big deal, any OS development takes a while, especially one of this
magnitiude.  I would like to suggest some sort of online document entry system (I
know it's possible, and Tril and I discussed it before, just never got around to
getting the software up and running). I think that if we had some degree of page
automation, we could do things on our own time, and from anywhere (port 80 is
almost always open on any firewall :).  But this would take a great degree of time
and effort.

Pat Wendorf