Where's everyone gone?

Anders Petersson anders.petersson@mbox320.swipnet.se
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 15:56:49 +0100

Pat Wendorf wrote:
>Francois-Rene Rideau wrote:

>> to the Tunes web page layout (binEng),

I'm not really the right person to build the Tunes web site. I can propose
a layout, which I partly have done, but I can't stand for the contents.
Someone else has to take the responsibility to really *build* the site.
I'll have a new look at it soon, however, to see what more I can do.

>Ususally Bin and I talk on a daily basis, but for the last month or two, I
may have
>spoken with him on two occasions.  I do believe his school/family/work
life has
>gotten the better of him also.  This is only a guess, he may be able to
>things better.

I could drag up a lot of of excuses... I won't do that, I'll just admit I
haven't been very productive lately. Something I have done though, is that
I've looked into some theoretical and philosophical aspects of computer
Hopefully you'll hear more from me onwards.

And to those whose emails I haven't answered yet; sorry for the delay, the
replies are on their way...