OS review massively updated

Emmanuel Marty core@suntech.fr
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:17:28 +0100

Hello all,

I have updated the OS review subproject page. The links were starting to
age and there is really a wealth of resources there so I decided to do
something about it. If noone else maintains this page, I volunteer to
officially maintain it, but I can't promise an update every other day
given my schedules. Since I collect OS pointers as part of my job
though, this is probably not too much work to add them.

All links have been checked; outdated ones have been corrected or
commented out. New material has been added: links to memory management
policies (as used by Linux and *BSD mostly) have been added for people
interested in the topic or having to implement it; pointers on
PC hardware pages (serial, parallel, keyboard etc.) that are complete
and informative (ie. not quickly hacked together) are also there now.
Existing sections have been a bit reorganized as well, with a new
one gathering all embedded system links, and a seperate one for
all those projects in early stages of development.

Notes: 1) the news page hasn't caught up yet (will do tomorrow morning I
guess), but the new review is up. 2) There still are some orphan links
at the end (I added half of them in the proper places); half of that
half would probably mean creating a new section on trusted OSes. Fare,
are you up to doing that?

Besides that, yes I'm still working on Clementine very hard, and will
put it up for public consumption RSN.