New TUNES site

Tom Novelli
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 07:31:37 -0800

Where is it?

It's been 3 months.. time to take a new tack.  Instead of trying to do
a complete redesign of the web site, let's just do incremental changes.
A new front page here, a new FAQ there, etc, etc.  You all ought to
know by now that you can never "finish" a big project like this.
Besides, what we have now isn't bad. It's already a very popular site
for OS developers. If we really want publicity, what we need is working
code, not a superficial web site!

I started a new FAQ, but I haven't seen anything added to it. Come on,
people! Logon to bespin, cd ~bineng/html, and edit faq.html. Or if you
think it's good, say so.

I don't know about the Review project. Emmanuel Marty did a major
overhaul, without doing anything fancy like SQL databases. Is it worth
the trouble? Ultima.. was it harder than you expected? :)

I have a cool new item for the Review: the Incompatible Timesharing
System! (It wasn't easy to track down!)  I'll put it online tonight.

Tom Novelli