Alan Grimes
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:55:27 -0800

Some ideas for anyone who wantz to implement a mud.
A mud is basically a system of abstract objects. Each entity has a set of
methods, attributes, and other features. Here are a few eggzamplez:

TempleOfMota [
Type = room      < this should be removed in a more anvanced versoin 
Exit.north = "stairway to valhalla", room 6640
exit.south = "Temple Square", room 6630

Overload 'FIGHT' = "Fight are not permitted"
action.BUY = "plese specify a potion"
Entitys within room = list of entitys

StoneShield [
Defense power = 30 
Weight = 10
level = 15
description = "This is one tough shield!"

Mayor [ 
Type = Charactor
Gender = male
Level = 30
Defense = 200
Attack = 250
Equipment = Long sword
Controller = SCRIPT47 < could be "connection 32" or "AI 9"
Abilitys = talk, move....
Description = The mayor is a kindly looking chap who looks after the city 

Any object could be created in this way. Hopefully objects could be created, and
changed on the fly! :) 

Here is my idea for a GUI. The GUI would use the normal telnet interface it
would think this: Hmm, What does my charactor look like? and it will send a
request on an auxilary port for a drawing of the charactor, then place it on the
screen. It will then ask for the statistics and place them in a auxilary screen.
Where the score might say : health = 30 /50, It would draw a bar that is filled
to the appropriate level... The user would be able to customize this and extend
it as desired by rearanging basic representation primitaves... :) It would then
provide buttons for the standard commands... Again scripts could be written and
shared via a repository on the server for visualizing the information...

The trasmission on a Ford Escort fails so reliably that you can set your
odometer by it. =)