TUNES as The Game

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 02:07:57 +0300

> > Well, actually, the three original applications that originally
> > motivated me towards launching an OS project were (ten years ago!
> > I'm such a loser!):
> > 1) a game
> > 2) an integrated formal math & computing system
> > 3) a music system and database
> >
> Wow, we have the same goals! Is this a common motivation for you other
> TUNESers too?
maybe.  i've worked on several games, but my main idea for games with
respect to Tunes is to build little "simulations" of things (like SimCity)
that the user and computer can play with or compete on.  it would basically
be a little intuitively understandable playground where you describe things
abstractly, and the computer makes a system that works the way that you want
it to work.  extending that concept to a game is merely to place goals into
the system.

i'm interested in making, for instance, a Tunes-level standard for real-time
flight simulators and physics simulators with high-performance capabilities.
i'm also looking at making social-interaction simulators based on Tunes.

i have a particular goal of making and selling a "game universe" which could
dynamically create an entire world with history, social dynamics, and
dynamic NPC generation.  the idea would be to immerse the player in a role
of their choosing, and provide enough interesting opportunities in that
world that they would find their own goal and adventure.

i've worked out the details and requirements for these ideas quite
extensively, and they DO require Tunes or something similar to build upon.
anyway, i don't want to give out too many details, since i'd like to make a
little money off of those ideas.