a small arrows prototype

Laurent Martelli martelli@iie.cnam.fr
11 May 1999 20:58:07 +0200

>>>>> "Brian" == RE01 Rice Brian T EM2 <BRice@vinson.navy.mil> writes:

  Brian> after discussing the possibilities and hurdles of
  Brian> implementation with Tril, i've decided to create a prototype
  Brian> for bootstrapping the Arrow system using the Squeak
  Brian> environment.  for those of you unfamiliar, Squeak is an
  Brian> implementation of the SmallTalk-80 virtual machine with
  Brian> graphical support.  the software is supported on most major
  Brian> gui's, including windows, x, macintosh, and some pda's, as
  Brian> well as basic dos, linux, and unix environments.


  Brian> any comments or suggestions?

I think it's a good choice : it will enable to bootstrap much more
rapidly than with C.

However, I'll have to understand how to use the GUI : I've juste tried
it twice, and each time I found the bindings non intuitive, or at
least very non-standard.