a small arrows prototype

Thomas Mahler thomas.mahler@home.ins.de
Fri, 14 May 1999 12:16:10 +0200

Hi everybody,

IMHO using squeak is a sound decision:
1. its free,
2. it is 'self-contained' and thus capable of meta-programming and
3. has a very small footprint and runs on virtually any kind of
4. Smalltalk (Squeak respectivly) provides anything you would expect
from an OS.
5. Smalltalk allows reasoning and implementing on a very abstract level
and is thus very good for prototyping purposes.
6. There's a kind of Smalltalk revival due to all the lacks and
shortcomings of statical languages like JAVA.
7. Smalltalk embraces functional programming (the concept of
BlockContexts correspond to lambda-terms). So its easy to write
'higher-order' methods.

By the way, Rice, is your Squeak code available from the tunes site? Or
could you email it to me. I'm doing some research with Squeak and
reflection, so I'm interested in any  material in this direction.

-- Thomas