Little-known OSes (OSi?) ;)

Billy Tanksley
Thu, 20 May 1999 13:22:07 -0700

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> Subject:	Little-known OSes (OSi?) ;)
> Hello!
> Got this address from the article. I was
> wondering if there are any "little-known" OSes that try
> to advance the "look-and-feel" of the GUI?
	Not really.  BeOS changes some things, but it's a little chaotic.
Jeff Raskin (one of the original designers of the Mac) tried to challenge
the windows-icon-mouse interface with a computer called the Canon Cat (a
long time ago), but politics at Canon killed it.

	Linux has plugin window managers; every single one of them tries to
be nicer than the others (of course), and most of them succeed.

> I'm thinking
> of an OS that would emphasize the look of the desktop
> (as it would invariably be "windows-like")
	I don't understand.  "Emphasise the look of the desktop?"
"Invariably windows-like?"

> I looked for any mention of GUIs on your page but couldn't find any.
	We're not at any good point for that yet.  Berlin is working on
something which might be appropriate (but I don't know their address).

	The problem is that a GUI is not part of an OS; it's something which
sits on top of an OS.  We're designing an OS, so we'll design a GUI to sit
on top of its as well; we don't want to jump ahead and design a GUI which
might limit the OS (although we WILL be planning for the GUI, as well as for
the CLI).

	Ah, I remember another project; LUIGUI just started recently, but it
looks VERY promising.  It's a project to improve Linux's human interface,
and at the same time advance the state of HCI.