Maneesh Yadav 97yadavm@scar.utoronto.ca
Fri, 28 May 1999 02:08:26 -0400 (EDT)

THis is by no means an apology for my recent posts, but I would like to
say that I hope I am not offending anybody, I am really just trying to
kick some reality into some empty promises and possibly educate some
people who, IMHO really haven't had any experience with and sort of real
code development, let alone a project such abmition.  The differences in
opinions are clear, some are saying that all the projects will eventually
become integrated, other are saying TUNES is a discussion form etc...I am
usually not one for strict definition in these things, but to really call
yourselves a group and have goals like the ones posted on the web page and
have n different projects and say that they will magically someday be
integrated into one another all the while solving all the problems of
software design in some finite amount of time is just plain lying.

I'm going to post a series of questions one the various project out again
and I think for the sake
of the group having an idea what is going on they should be answered,
please no editorials jus simple short answers.

First of all, part of the TUNES project seems to be developing a
microkernel in assembler (I'm looking at tcn).

What advantages are there to using this kerenel than to use an existing

What language are you writing it in (assembler last I checked), how do you
expect to port efficently?

WHat is you basic multitasking mechanisms (what data structures are
involved, hardware/software,  priorities, timesclicing etc.)?

What does a task memory map look like (or the basic memory scheme in
general, what parts of mem are shared, selectors, page granularity etc.?

What does you basic IPC mechanism look like (message, sizes, mechanisms of
transport, do they suppourt multiprocessing)?

How is shared video impliemnted?

How are device drivers implimented (accesed through call gates, shared
code etc.)?

Does you taking model, memory management and IPC allow for
multiprocessing?  What about distributed computing (what consitency, fault
tolerant mechanisms have you used?)?

What about the filesystem?  Is it tied to the device interface, is it
"pluaggable" (ala linux VFAT)?