Pat Wendorf
Fri, 28 May 1999 17:53:41 -0400

Hey Binary :)

Welcome to Tunes.  There is some heated discussions going on in here every once
in a while, don't let it scare ya :)

We're always looking for new people to contribute to the list, in ideas or help
with the assorted projects.   If you'd like any more information about the
project check out the web page, it's very detailed.  If you can't find what
you're looking for, ask Fare or Tril or myself (Beholder) on IRC.

Binary Algernon wrote:

>   Hello everyone.  I'm sorta new to tunes.  I haven't actually become part
> of the project but i've been hanging out in #tunes on
> I see a lot of the pontential in the project and i'd like to help out.  So
> in a way i guess in introducing myself to the people on the mailing list.
> Oh and Maneesh it's interesting that you happen to live in La Jolla - my
> borther works in La Jolla and I live up in the northern part of the county -
> Fallbrook to be exact.
> David New,
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