my spare little work and some remarks

Sun, 30 May 1999 20:05:28 +0200 (CEST)

Hello All,

I do like the way Tunes is going somewhere. It doesn't matter to me
where (as long as open source & reflexivity remain goals).

I did try Retro. Found it interesting. But I think we need a tiny
Retro-HOWTO. Actually, I did compile it and booted it. My best wishes
to Tom.

I have very few spare time (my last son Matthew is only 20 months old;
also, I am remaking the whole electrical circuit at my home). I
actually did code a small (incomplete, untested) runtime system (ie a
stop&copy garbage collector, whose mutator code is in gc-ed objects)

As a side note, does any one know how to make usable the onboard
ES1688 sound chip on an AsusP5A motherboard (K6/400) under Linux 2.2?

Regards to everyone.

And I do think that we currently need a lot of tentative tries for
reflexive systems.
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