TUNSE and Retro

Ken Evitt cpe2@gte.net
Sun, 30 May 1999 23:18:23 -0400

TUNES is not about features. TUNES is about integrity and consistency. TUNES
is about simplicity and elegance. Linux started out as one man's personal
project. But because it was useful, and free, people made of it what they
wanted. The purpose of Retro and Brian's Arrow system is not to implement
every feature anyone would like but to make those implementations possible,
in a unique way--and that is TUNES. Everything that TUNES will handle or do
has already been handled or done. TUNES is fundamentally different because
it will be a computing system that is unified, integrated, whole. TUNES will
be organic--it will start small and grow outwards. That is the purpose of
Retro and the Arrow system--the small seed from which future trees will
grow. It is the fundamental that TUNES seeks to address--not specific
features. That is why I don't think Retro is a waste of time--because it
will be, from its beginning, an integrated thing that will become TUNES.

-Ken Evitt