Laurent Martelli
10 Oct 1999 15:04:03 +0200

>>>>> "RK" == Rafael Kaufmann <> writes:

  RK> I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. that
  RK> any of you might have on the design and implementation and
  RK> design of alisp (no project website yet), a general-purpose,
  RK> fully reflective language of the Lisp family, and its
  RK> accompanying interactive compiler. I intend to start out by
  RK> following the Scheme specification (R5RS), and incrementally add
  RK> features.

You can have a look at 

I am currently actively working on this. In fact, I've reimplemented
it in C/C++ because performances really sucked in tcl. I'll make a
tar.gz of that in a few days.

Laurent Martelli