Laurent Martelli martelli@iie.cnam.fr
26 Oct 1999 05:07:39 +0200

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Little <jiml@inconnect.com> writes:

  Jim> Laurent Martelli wrote: What are your goals for OIL?  What will
  Jim> it do when it's fully functional?  Assuming it were fully
  Jim> functional, how might I use it in a typical day?
  >>  A casual user would just use it as if it were Linux or
  >> Windows. He wouldn't see the difference, excepted that it should
  >> be more consistent and easier to use.
  >> A programmer would start his day defining new services. When it
  >> say `defining', I'm talking about specifications; what the
  >> service is supposed to do. He will be able to this thanks high
  >> level services enabling him to manipulate high level concepts.

  Jim> I see the general vision, but I'm definitely unclear on how
  Jim> you'll be implementing this, or what it has to do with AOP.
  Jim> But I think I might have to wait until you're further along to
  Jim> truly understand it.  :) 

Maybe we're drifting away from AOP a bit. What I really want to
achieve is separation of concerns : specification and
implementation. AOP provides a more or less formal framework for
this. And it inspired me a lot, that's why I use the word. 

  Jim> Do you have any plans to update the documentation on your
  Jim> website?  Right now, there's not much information available.

I've just done this. The tutotial is available online. Feedback is

Laurent Martelli