Thomas M. Farrelly
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:21:03 GMT

users need a save button?

I don't get it!

Personally I think alot of saving/not saving fuckups would be prevented IF 
users were aware that they are infact editing copies of documents.

When you are finnished editing you're document, you put it back in the 
drawer, or close the book. I.e. copy it to where it is kept. 'save' it, if 
you like.

HOW, this mechanism is implemented and used is immaterial. I don't see how 
choosing this mechanism has anything to do with designing TUNES. Surely, you 
can imagine that in some cases one mechansim works and in other cases 
another one works - 'save', 'close', 'update', whatever.

And versioning systems : nothing to do with TUNES. Choose one, use one, 
create a new one, modify existing versioning system, have a ball, but leave 
it out of the desing descussion. TUNES shouldn'd depend on versioning 
systems - because you don't always need one. So there is no reason for it to 
be there initially.

The real reason for my comment on the presistance discussion was to see if 
there was a common agreement on wheter explisit copying was adequate to 
express _any_ of these persistance mechanisms.

And that explisit save was a silly idea:)

cheers, tmf

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