Laurent Martelli
27 Oct 1999 19:44:47 +0200

>>>>> "Alaric" == Alaric Williams <> writes:

  Alaric> On 27 Oct 1999, Laurent Martelli wrote:

  >> None of the policies seems to be better than the other. With the
  >> first one, you have to do gc by hand from times to times
  >> otherwise you'll run out of memory.

  Alaric> Why? GC will still reclaim unreference objects; but
  Alaric> referenced objects can be expected to survive reboots/global
  Alaric> extinctions/etc...

Yes. The question is which objects are considered to belong to root set
of reachable objects. I think there's no satisfying unique answer to
this question. If you say that references are automatically reachable,
you have to explicitly take a reference on every object that you want
to use in the future. 

Laurent Martelli