Pidgin source code snapshot

Brian Rice
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 09:43:12 -0700

There are two other messages of mine that have been in the mailing list 
queue for about 12 hours now that discuss this further. So to avoid 
redundancy, here's just the link:

Lee Salzman temporarily has stopped work on it for various reasons, none 
related to actual coding, but at least now you can know that there is 
development going on. As I release new specifications (the site originally 
intended for these documentations seems to have failed as well). If anyone 
else can help with supporting these efforts, please let me know. At this 
point I value consistency and communication over anything else.

At any rate, if people are interested in taking the new documentation and 
specifications I'll be publishing and updating the Lisp implementation of 
Slate, then please let me know. I am also still doing advanced research on 
Slate, mostly with respect to Tunes, so the documents I release will be 
enough for a really good, usable language anyway.

Thanks for your interest and patience,