Lambda (was: Refactoring in Tunes)
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 19:13:22 -0800

> From: Laurent Martelli []
> Subject: Re: Lambda (was: Refactoring in Tunes)

> >>>>> "billy" == btanksley  <> writes:

>   >> The main area of thought I think is needed is how do you create a
>   >> good type system and genericity on top of the Joy basis.

>   billy> A very good question.  Static type safety errors are VERY
>   billy> useful, even if they're not required for correctness.  I'm
>   billy> thinking that annotated stack comments would be useful here.

> I think we should have a program checker that could check properties
> of programs such as correctness.

I believe we had already determined that was part of Tunes :).

> But couldn't it use type infering,  la Caml ?

In order to use type annotations to produce error messages, type inference
is _essential_.  The type annotations would simply allow the inference
engine to produce error messages which are more appropriate to the problem.

> Laurent Martelli