Slate for Tunes HLL?
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 18:20:56 -0800

> From: Brian T. Rice []
> Subject: Slate for Tunes HLL?

> Hello again, Tunesers.
> This is a general survey of members' opinions and such 
> concerning the close
> relationship between the Slate design and the HLL 'specification'.
> Basically, I propose that the basic Slate concepts form HLL-, 
> and that the
> Mobius reflection system would provide all the meta-object system that
> Tunes specifies (or doesn't). The documents are available 
> from this URL:

Sounds great, Brian.  It sounds like you're going to do good work with Slate
whether or not we back you, so I'm inclined to give my approval, for
whatever that's worth.

I'd like to see more information before agreeing that it fits what Tunes
needs, much of which obviously won't be available until after some brief
specs are out.  What you have now doesn't look like it offends the Tunes
guidelines for the HLL.


> for now. Potentially, this could be moved under the HLL 
> subproject, given Tunes group agreement.

On the one hand, I'm excited about finally getting a potential for progress.
On the other hand, I'd rather know more precisely what we're buying into
before committing.

> Most of the pages are fairly ad-hoc, 
> but gradualy I
> am systematizing the documentation and specifications. A lot 

You don't suppose you could post a brief snippet of sample code, do you?

> of work has
> yet to be realized in the Lisp code, but then a lot of ideas 

So you're writing this in Lisp, right?  In other words, Lisp is going to be
our LLL.  Amusing.

> Anyway, I just wanted to gauge Tunesers' opinions on whether 
> this could
> eventually be moved under Tunes HLL or should stay separate, 

I think it's totally possible, and even likely.

> with Tunes
> developing a similar language alongside it.

Unlikely.  Tunes will almost certainly wind up using your language, unless
it's totally inappropriate.  There's nothing else to do.

> 	Brian