Offtopic: Java application postmortem

Jim Little
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 04:25:33 -0700

I've released a postmortem for a small project I recently completed.  If
you're interested in such things, take a look: it's available on the
Sphere web site.  The direct URL is:

On a related note, I've searched the web, and the only dedicated site
for postmortems that I could find was GamaSutra
(  They're an excellent site (in fact, I based
my postmortem off of their examples), but they're focused on game

I'd like to see more postmortems for ordinary software development, so
I've set up a new "postmortem" Sphere subproject.  I'm hoping to fill it
up with postmortems, even if I have to write them all myself.  :) 
Seriously, though, I think a dedicated site for postmortems would be
immensely valuable to professional programmers, and I'd like to set
aside part of the Sphere web site to that purpose.  If you have or would
like to write a postmortem, please let me know!  And tell your friends. 
Postmortems are a great way to learn about what works and what doesn't
in software development, and if I can get enough of a buzz and some
submissions, I'll definitely create a postmortem site as part of the
Sphere web.


PS: Please forward this to anyone that you think would be interested in
a postmortem web site.  Or, if you know of such a thing that already
exists, let me know where it is so I can submit mine.  Email me at