Hello again people

Soma soma@apex.net.au
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 11:24:59 +1000

Well, I must say I rather liked the look of the arrow philosophy.

If I may say, it's almost exactly what I have been dreaming up... When I
tried to classify what I was inventing I too located it somewhere
between a programming environmnent and artificial intelligence. I feel
that the development of such a system would really make an impact on the
usefulness of artificial intelligence systems.

Incidentally, I came up with my ideas mostly by picturing how I
structure information in my own brain and thought processes. I suppose
the practical aspects of utilising ones own brain is what we are trying
to model here.

As we have seen with Sony's Aibo, artificial intelligence does not
require language processing, however if we are ever going to make
computers universally useful we need them to totally be able to
understand our ways of communication. Neural nets and fuzzy logic are
primarily tools of recognition, but until we can make computers
understand language as we use it, they will remain unreliable and

Just by way of introduction...