New mailing list system

Thu, 15 Jun 2000 22:18:50 -0700 (PDT)

Today, I changed these things on the tunes server:

Debian Slink OS        -> Potato
Sendmail Mail server   -> Postfix
Majordomo List Manager -> Sympa

The good news is that mailing list delivery should go much quicker.  The
bad news is that the web archives are disabled.  

The mail is being archived, and you can retrieve it by sending mail to with the body of "INDEX listname".  Then send another mail
with a body of "GET filename"  to download an archive.  This will change
sometime and I do hope to have a web archive that contains both old and
new archives, when I figure out the best way to do it.  The old archives
will remain up...

I'm not sure it will stay this way, either.  I'm just trying Sympa out, at
Fare's suggestion.

All the list subscribe/unsubscribe commands should still work, since the
address is now an alias to sympa, and they are
comaptible for subscribe and unsubscribe syntax.  The web form,, also seems to be working.

Anyway, flames to off the list please.

David Manifold <>
This message is placed in the public domain.