Emergence of behavior through software

Lynn H. Maxson lmaxson@pacbell.net
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 15:59:34 -0700 (PDT)

Alan Grimes wrote:
"...After that I will take over the project and start off in a new 
direction to build the machine that will most elegantly and 
effectively complement the natural intelligence that we all have 
been granted, and lay a solid foundation for future technologies 
such as neural interfaces that will allow the brain to use the 
computer as easily as I move my fingers across this keyboard."

I will do my best to suppress the emotion and hand-waving in this 
response.  I do question why you would believe that you need 
"true" AI and not just the "regular stuff" to achieve the same 
ends.  There is a difference between complement, supplement, and 
replacement.  You are talking of a development of an enhanced 
tool.  I'm in favor of that.  I know nothing in rule-based 
software systems, the only kind there is currently, that stands as 
a barrier, a stopper, to such an effort.

To the best of my knowledge you use the brain in moving your 
fingers over the keyboard now.  In truth you have what you want