Humpty Dumpty (was: reflection)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 19:06:45 -0300

While I can see what Lynn is trying to point out, the fact is that the
computer science community has stolen many words and given them new
meanings: bit, protocol, hardware and so on.

My use of "reflection" might confuse newbies, but it would be best if
they simply get used to it. This is the meaning that they will find in
a huge number of conferences, thesis and papers, books and web pages.
The book I wrote a chapter for is a good example: "Advances in
Object-Oriented Metalevel Architectures and Reflection" edited by Chris

Since this list provides a very specific context, I feel free to say
things like "the program knows about distances but not about areas"
instead of "the code reifies the concept of linear measurements but not
the concept of two dimensional measurements". Tunes is not about
artificial intelligence nor cognitive science, so I don't think there
is any harm in being loose with the meaning of some words.

I am trying to be helpful, here, not argumentative. Please let me know
if I failed...

-- Jecel