Emergence of behavior through software

Lynn H. Maxson lmaxson@pacbell.net
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:23:52 -0700 (PDT)

Billy wrote:
"What does this discussion have to do with ethics, cyber or 
otherwise?  Nobody has yet questioned whether we *should* do 
something; some of us are questioning whether we *can* do 

While I can appreciate your reasoning on the other hand the basic 
disagreement on "should", "can", or anything else relates to 
comments and documentation by Fare.  He has joined us voluntarily 
in this where he could have just ignored us.  If the rest of the 
Tunes list members outside our small "response" group don't care 
for our "spam", then why should we not transfer this to the 
suggested list?  We can at any time return either with progress on 
a common ground or a clear delineation in the scientific sense of 
proof of the differences which separate us.

Maybe like me you have been flamed upon in the IRC channel from 
taunts, barbs, and names (moron).  Because others display 
intolerance doesn't mean we have to.  I have subscribed.  I 
suggest that you do also.