greetings (totally OT :) (whatever the T was)

David Vennik
Tue Aug 7 04:30:03 2001

Hello people. Dunno if anyone might remember me. I
think I had a very different email address.

I was subbed back in late 1999. I'm not sure how I can
help this org, but I'm keen to see a reflective os
built. I haven't much checked to see how it has

I have thought of a way I might help you guys - I've
recently acquired skills in PHP and MySQL (well, I'm
acquiring them at this time really) and I can see that
your site might do with some vamping :0

If that is possible I am very keen to put in my 2c.
I've finally got myself a Linux box and I could test
stuff too.

If it is of any interest to anyone, I have also
started my own non-profit org recently too (plug plug)
If there's any people calling themselves (privately
presumably) magick practioners or chaos magicians I've
started up 'The Monastic Order of Chaos' and the
webpage is at . I'm
hoping to secure the domain though,
as it's much more memorable.

I'm glad I'm back online and in the stuff that I love
so much. My dreams of reflective OS stuff will not
die, so I'm back. I had ideas before, but they were
pretty half-arsed :0

The key question of this project is 'how do we encode
and act upon meaning' and when we get the answer it
will become much more clear how a computer can model

If I may (roughly) quote from Peter Carroll's book

In the chapter on machine intelligence:

Q: 'try to specify exactly and in detail any human
functions that you do not believe that a computer
could carry out, even in principle'

A: 'Paradoxically, an exact and detailed specification
of any function will, in principle, allow a computer
to perform it.
Apologies for the trick question'

It was these exact statements that made me believe
that what you guys are setting out to do was possible,
and indeed I wouldn't have found out about you if I
hadn't read those last three sentences and been

Think about it (I'm sure that you all already did)

Anyway, that's my entrance :)

Oh another little idea I got from somewhere (I can't
remember where though) - a problem is only in the way
the problem is expressed, if you find the right way to
ask a question the answer is the question. I
personally have experienced this a number of times and
it always brings on that 'eureka' feeling.

Again you've probably mostly all heard that one...



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