Reflection-related job

Stig E Sandoe
Fri Aug 10 17:19:01 2001


The research-team I work for need a compiler-whiz with understanding
of reflective systems so I take my chances of the job being slightly
relevant to what people are interested in here.  If it's not ok
with job-info, I apologise.  If you're interested, please mail
me at

Job description: 

Research-oriented company needs a compiler hacker to assist the
research-team with development and implementation of their compiler. The
research-team has already produced a working prototype, but needs a good
hacker to make the Real Thing possible.

The hacker is expected to work with a highly talented team to design and
implement the next-generation reflective compiler- and development
technology. The job requires understanding of virtual machines,
functional languages, MOPs, optimisation-techniques and ability to
actually hack the needed code.

In addition to design and programming of the compiler, the job involves
assisting application-developers working on development-tools. The
ability to work with an existing code-base without panicking is vital.
Self-initiative and ability to work in an active team is a key. The
candidate should have good verbal and written communication skills. A
work-permit in the EU is helpful.


The candidate must have documentable previous experience with
compiler-work, and formal education (Computer Science or Software
Engineering preferred).

Must be proficient with the following:
* Unix/Linux development
* Java and the JVM in particular
* Lisp/Scheme or other functional language

A plus if you're skilled with:
* Windows development and .NET/CLR
* J2EE
* Distributed systems
* Reflection/AOP/MOPs
* Minigolf in office hallways

Probable work-location: Bergen, Norway


Stig Erik Sandoe      Software Researcher