Introducing myself and 2 questions

Björnke von Gierke
Sat Dec 29 16:22:02 2001

Hi my name is Björnke von Gierke call me BvG if you like.
I live in Zurich (Switzerland) and are 21 years old. My natural language 
is German and as I don't even can type right in that language, please 
don't complain too much about my writing skill(s). (constructive critism 
is naturaly welcome)
Talking about skills, im intrestet in learning programming, and am 
fiddling around with a scripting enviroment. I try do get a 
program/script which can learn (AI / Self-programing). Also im trying to 
get a conceptual work done, which describes an OS GUI, which centers 
around the user, and not the machine. I saw many OSes which startet with 
a kernel (what ever that strange fruit component does, must be an apple 
thing ;-) ) but yours startet somwhere between UI and Ass-emabler, which 
grabed my attention instantly.
I came to the Tunes homepage over a link from AtheOS, and found the 
ideas and concepts very intresting.  But the information is very... 
well... unorganized (at best) and im rather confused, about where the 
action is at.... shall i subscribe to all of the mailinglists? go to 
irc? use wiki?
Im wondering if there is any action at all? ive seen the wiki part 
(which is rather small, as far as i saw it) and the mailinglists are not 
very often used, as it seems (ca. 100 kB of posts in this one during the 
month, or so) maybe a holiday-thing, or a sign that the project is very 
new? maybe there is a hidden part on the homepage, where the true action 
is at (and where the plans for world domination are stored *looking 
behind my shoulder*)

short: Im asking for help on how and where to contribute. Also I wan't 
to know if there is any comunication going on at all.

sincerely yours