Pat Wendorf beholder@unios.dhs.org
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:46:53 -0500

Hey youlian,

I think we're all still kickin but we're mostly in research or
"implementing plans" mode right now (or at least that is where most ppl
were when I last communicated with them).

sub-dude troyanov wrote:
> Hey tunes people,
> Any cool developments lately ?
> The site is not updated for ages, and when I checked recently the last
> chat transcripts
> (http://tunes.org/~lar1/logs/) are from 16 Jan. Is it a self-imposed
> secrecy or what :)
> Hey I know am a leach, but tunes is one of the projects out there I
> consider promising.
> Best,
> youlian


Pat Wendorf