Lynn's Postulate...

Alan Grimes
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:31:57 -0500

I was thinking about my usual problems in cybernetics and got to
thinking about the L-Calc and came up with an enhancement that I think
is neccessary for dealing with anything in the real world. Do these
enhancements satisfy Lynn's Postulate*? 

Consider my eye... It identifies light-dark regions in the immage it
recieves from the outside. It then encodes information about these
regions and then finally attributes color information to them. The
encoding is something like this: 

My pen is long and shiny, by the way its blue...

You can then take this information and then interprit it in any way you
like... And then the computation halts... Job complete. 

And then you hit a problem. You want to do it again! =P

The enhancement I propose is: 

E for "Establish". 

Instead of just applying functions you also need to *Establish* them. 

That is that the function must be made aware of the fact that the input
value is not constant and therefore the output value must be changed
whenever the input value does, to the best of the hardware's ability. 
A FPGA would do this best, but I don't think other solutions would be
totaly unworkable... 

Is this enough, lynn. ;)

I would very much like to see whatever comments anyone has on this. =)

*Lynn H. Maxson spewed long passionate missives a while back that did
little more than assert that the mind was somehow outside of the
dominion of conventional models of computation... 

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