Tunes cited on SecurityPortal

Massimo Dentico
Tue, 16 Jan 2001 00:43:11 +0100

Excerpt from SecurityPortal:


The Future of Operating Systems Security
By Ronald L. Mendell ( for


"Pioneers" seek new designs for operating systems, often  thinking
beyond  kernel architecture. TUNES and Aegis (from MIT)  eliminate
the  kernel  to  increase system performance and  security.  SPACE
(from  the  University  of Santa Barbara) develops  protection  as
multiple  layers  rather than relying upon the  kernel.  And  SPIN
(from  the  University  of Washington) allows  code  migration  in
kernel  space,  blurring the distinction between applications  and
the  kernel.  EROS  (from  the University  of  Pennsylvania)  uses
constructor  and  confinement mechanisms  that  go  beyond  what's
available with POSIX, NT, or Java's sandbox.


Massimo Dentico