FW: Concepts: Inductive vs Coinductive

RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2 BRice@vinson.navy.mil
Sun Jun 10 19:08:02 2001

Hi all,

I noticed the other day that the original message was forwarded to the list,
but not my reply. Since I can't access any of my usual accounts or the
internet at the moment, I'm forwarding this for general information. Also,
I've acheived a few breakthroughs in the Arrow architecture design
(basically resulting in a lot of broken cases being cleaned up, bugs wiped
out, and the design actually has a coherent structure) so that you should
expect a 0.1 release by the time I return on June 22, with a preliminary
release due in a week. There are more extensive tests to document and
ensure, which will take most of the time necessary for the work. The rest
will be devoted to shifting around (re-factoring into a design that makes
sense) my make-shift and very preliminary pattern-matching system.

I'm also focussed on getting a Map graph type implemented for Arrow, to use
symbol->value associations as the first blocks of a real programming
language building system. (Obviously something using a cons-cell based
syntax with variable semantics built up gradually.)

(I am interrupted now. Will talk later.)

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> Hi Vasili,
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> > Brian,
> > 
> >    Where in literature can I read about Inductive
> > Graph and Coinductive Graph, i.e. before I read
> > your code?
> Actually the Co-/InductiveGraph distinction in Arrow code is 
> currently not used, as is obvious since the classes don't 
> define anything. My current set of code does not have this 
> distinction, but I am introducing a different level of cache 
> strategy management at the moment.
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Vasili
> I'm sorry that it's not very clear as is.
> Thanks for the feedback,
> ~