Survey - who's listening?

Brian Rice
Tue Jun 26 18:49:02 2001

>On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, Brian Rice wrote:
>>  I'd like to know what people think about the direction I'm taking and
>>  whether my effort is in line with Tunes goals. Particularly, if any
>>  of the project founders have any input or mis-understandings about
>>  how the current package is supposed to achieve Tunes goals, I would
>>  like to know. Obviously there are many who are not familiar enough
>>  with Smalltalk other than to look and perhaps get roughly familiar,
>>  so I understand there's not a lot of deep comprehension possible yet.
>>  But I'd like to know what people think aside from "wait and see."
>i guess im one of these... as i have serious holes in my background, not
>to mention smalltalk. i guess my usefullness is limited to the point where
>i can play with example slate code. but anyways, im listening, looking at
>the class docs and such and find things very promising.

Okay, thanks for that. For those who have not worked in a self-hosted 
environment like Squeak, I do suggest learning through some tutorials 
how to code in that environment. In particular, the self-hosted 
debugging and concurrency and such are all great features that you 
can't really get in native environments. This is significant for 
people trying to get a taste of a TUNES-like system.

>   keep up the good work Brian,
>- 101.

Again, thanks.