hello, may I help you?

Pietro Braione schizophonicTHESPAMSHIELD@tiscalinet.it
Thu Mar 15 18:00:03 2001

Hello to everyone. I have been lurking on this
ML for awhile, and I have found all your messages
really intriguing, as all the project is. I would
like to help in some way, but as the work is 
currently focussing on theoretical issues, on which
I think I cannot be of any help until I have
at least built a stronger ground on algebra and
categories, I would like to propose myself 
as a volunteer for... well, almost anything else
can help. In a word, I am here, if I can do
something give me a ring. 
On the other hand, I would like some advice on
what can I start to read to gain the background
of above, sayed that as a computer engineer
my theoretical foundation are somehow limited  
direction, surely not even comparable to that
of a mathematician - although I am already
working to reduce the gap a little bit. I know some 
logic, i.e. first order mathematic logic, Godel 
theorem, and I am studying modal and fuzzy logic
and some cathegory theory. Also some on (un)com-
putability (Rice and theorem and Kleene fixpoint)
but fundamentally nothing else, notably nothing on 
lambda calculus, and nothing even resembling re-
flection, apart from Godel theorem. I am starting
a PhD at Politecnico di Milano and I would like to
push my research towards something concerning
reflection, but I need to better understand what 
computational reflection is and implies before 
trying to do that.
Some advice?
Hoping that one day I will be able to understand
the Arrow paper and thanking you in advance

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