Promised Arrows Code

Brian Rice
Wed Mar 21 21:04:02 2001

Well, I just got back a few hours ago, and I'll at least put out the 
current changeset, although it's got some serious bugs at the moment 
due to some architecture shifts that haven't been completed. Needless 
to say, it's well documented (IMO), so informative on its own.

Here's where the code is:

For those unfamiliar with Squeak, it's at for 
every platform commonly known. Installation instructions are the same 
as for every changeset: use the desktop menu to open a file list. 
Then navigate to the changeset file and right-click to select "file 
in". (For this current release, it is VERY IMPORTANT to note that you 
will see a progress bar which will stop at the end. When it stops, 
hit "ALT-PERIOD" ("CMD-PERIOD" on the mac) to halt the class 
initialization process that it stops on.)Then open a code browser to 
look through things. Explore everything you see in all the menus and 
hit every interesting button. That is the Smalltalk Way. :)

This is very much not the state of code I wanted to present, but it 
will take a little time for me to figure out where the problems are 
coming from. Then I will make a proper release.