Proper Arrow code release

Brian Rice
Fri Mar 23 01:50:02 2001

As promised, I fixed up the problems with the last set of code. 
First, the halting when you load the code initially has been fixed, 
and as well, I discovered that I hadn't handled the Mac to Unix text 
formatting conversion properly, and fixed that as well. Some other 
internal changes were made that are minor.

As of now, I'll be sending out code in this pre-packaged format which 
most people should find very simple to deal with.

I will put together all of my arrow code releases into this directory: until is back up and 
running. (Or maybe

Within that directory, you have two options. First, the most 
compatible option among Squeak variants is to take some 2.X version 
of Squeak (2.9 or later if you don't have Weak collections filed 
in.), and file in and 
then load as a file . The 
latter is not used by Squeak itself; I merely used it to test some of 
my classes and keep track of developments.

If you are new to Smalltalk or Squeak, then this latter approach will 
help out, although it requires you to get the newest version of 
Squeak. is a Squeak Project. 
When you get a Squeak 3.1 installation (which I will explain how to 
do), you can load this project from the file using the desktop menu 
directly. Versions earlier than 3.1 do not handle projects correctly, 
and so regrettably this means you have to get the latest Squeak. 
(However, I believe that 3.1 is significantly better than earlier 
versions for ease of use and clarity.) At any rate, to get 3.1, 
download the appropriate platform's files from:

This also requires you to get the Squeak 3.0 sources file at:

Unpack everything into a single directory and execute the VM so that 
it picks the right image on its own.

The benefits of using the Project format is that it loads up a 
desktop environment for Squeak which highlights various interesting 
bits about Arrow code in the way that I happened to set it up. I have 
more code to work on which will take a little time, but for now it 
will be worthwhile to look through the documentation at the very 
least for the code.

Please bring up any question, no matter how small. Note that the 
primary Squeak site is down. Use instead. Also of course I am interested to 
know what people think so far.