Bazar in Python

Armin Rigo
Mon Mar 26 11:11:02 2001

Hello everybody,

A few people have pointedly suggested that my previous C-based prototype
should be written in a higher-level language to make it more clear; not to
mention that I was short on comments in the code.

So here is a version written in Python :

This runs on any machine; no more very-low-level machine-dependent tricks. 
But its interest probably lies in the comments I tried to develop
extensively.  This should give a better and more concrete insight into
what I tried to explain in my web pages, focusing this time precisely on
the bits of category theory I use in the prototype.

After some more work and Brian's release, I believe that our two
approaches are not as far as they might seem. It would not surprise me if
my work ends up as a proposal for endowing languages like Squeak with a
topos-theoretical type system.

Python is installed on most Unix systems, and available for almost any
platform; see

Thanks for your attention,