New hassle-free installation

Brian Rice
Wed Mar 28 11:03:02 2001

Hello all,

I never managed to reproduce the error some of you were getting, so I 
decided to take a subset of what I'm currently working on and 
packaging it up in an easier form. I have tested this release as 
thoroughly and extensively as I possibly could think of. The code has 
been uploaded and downloaded a few times just to be sure of this.

Release Notes:
(1) There is no longer a bug in the file-in process. Class 
initialization has been fixed properly and permanently.

At some point, I will assign version numbers to releases.

The directory is:

The two options to install are Arrows.cs and Make sure to 
download them in binary mode. I believe that this may have been the 
problem with previous downloads.

I really recommend the project file in any case, unless you are 
already a proficient Smalltalker.
Again, let me know if you still have problems, in which case I will 
tell you to get a real operating system. ;) But what I'd really like 
is to get to the comments, question, and discussion parts.