Bazar in Python

Armin Rigo
Wed Mar 28 09:49:02 2001

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your comments. I realized we might be closer than I originally
thought only a few days ago. To go on, I am currently running into
troubles that make me think the Arrows frame is indeed much more complete;
for example, I miss a clear way to associate extra information with arrows
and types, whereas this is immediate if one lets arrows point to other
arrows. I admit that doing so I am loosing my theoretical grounds, which
are of purely mathematical nature (my computer knowledge is restricted to
my experience as programmer). I will nevertheless reconsider the question
with what I recently learned from Arrows.

Needless to say, if conversely you can take ideas from me, you are welcome
! I would really welcome a collaboration on this. There are a few
topos-theoretical ideas I would like to investigate in Arrows. Depending
on how this turns out I might be convinced that we can directly benefit
from each other's work or even merge our projects. More about it later. I
will probably come with a lot of questions...