Alexis Read
Tue Nov 6 13:37:05 2001

Some good stuff here! There are one or two main development threads to
Tunes, from my own perspective I'm looking to unify two languages, Maude
and BOBJ, to give a good mathematical base to work from. Current software
is not good at proving it performs as it should, or adapting its own code
in a clean fashion (eg. in workflow models, auto adaption of existing code
to new drivers), nor preserving all semantic data when manipulating
Using a good math base, it should be possible to formalise say, xml
metadata, for use by agents ie. pseudo-intelligent code/semantic web
applications. The system would be cleanly extensible as you've then proved
where the system boundaries are.

As such, the code that you're doing is miles further ahead in development
time for me. Some of the other development efforts are along more similar
lines to your own, but I haven't seen much actual code written.

Some good links to the stuff I've mentioned are:
(the intro texts give a good idea of the advantages)
(this page is a good intro for BOBJ advantages)

Any use?
Alexis Read

On Mon, 5 Nov 2001, Joerg F.Wittenberger wrote:

> Hello all,
> this is Jerry from the Askemos project.  I've been pointed to tunes
> today and found it's design goals very simillar to Askemos.
> After browsing the tunes pages for a while now I still have a question
> about the status of tunes.  The page told me, the tunes system was not
> usable right now.  Is the page old?  Is there any code?  And how
> active is the project development - I've seen recent wiki changes, but
> that's what I've been able to find.
> Next I'd like to invite you to review As I
> said, the design goals where pretty simillar.  We would like to share
> ideas and code as much as possible - after all who want's to duplicate
> the work?
> Regards
> /Jerry
> PS:
> For those, who don't want to go through the docs here a short cut to
> an example
> and the code behind it.