RE01 Rice Brian T. EM2
Tue Nov 6 07:45:01 2001


> Hello all,
> this is Jerry from the Askemos project.  I've been pointed to tunes
> today and found it's design goals very simillar to Askemos.
> After browsing the tunes pages for a while now I still have a question
> about the status of tunes.  The page told me, the tunes system was not
> usable right now.  Is the page old?  Is there any code?  And how
> active is the project development - I've seen recent wiki changes, but
> that's what I've been able to find.

If you look at the Tunes CVS snapshots (best available as .bz2), you'll find
some Scheme source code written as some prototype building blocks for Tunes'
semantics. I run a project alongside/as-prototype-for Tunes called Arrow
( However, because of my current location,
the code updates are lagged by a few months.

Basically, Francois-Rene Rideau (Fare) and I are doing active research to
see how to design Tunes' implementation, and David Manifold (Tril) manages
the web site. Most others are watching and waiting for a solid plan from us
(am I wrong? someone correct me on this, please).

> Next I'd like to invite you to review As I
> said, the design goals where pretty simillar.  We would like to share
> ideas and code as much as possible - after all who want's to duplicate
> the work?

Unfortunately, from my location, only the front page is rendered at all,
which doesn't help me out much. I'd estimate that if you can compare your
system's semantics (or its intended semantics) with those of, say, a given
Lisp like Scheme, or perhaps some other language that supports really
expressive semantics, then we would have a very good idea how to compare the
ideas. If you're interested in a direct review on the OS pages, you can
write to the Review subproject mailing list, but there's a long waiting list
for adding entries to those pages. :)

> Regards

> /Jerry

Thanks for looking,