Polymorphism (and others)

Sebastian Nozzi sebastian.nozzi@jnm.de
Mon Nov 19 00:17:07 2001

>> How will be polymorphism be archieved in Tunes?

>Well as far as I know we're planning to use generic functions for
>polymorphism.  Combined with partial evaluation I think it's the best way,
>since the system should also be based on pure functions, using
>continuations for anything with a side effect.  That's the approach I
>intend to use for my project.  Please ask me to clarify any or all of
>these individual "technical terms" if you are not sure you understand, or
>know how I am meaning to use them.

Unfortunately I didn't quite understand what you ment.
Partial evaluation I learnt from the links given in the Tunes Learning 
Lounge (thanks Martin), pure function I guess it's that it will be
like in functional programming, but I don't know what continuation is...

I also read in Tunes' site that you will be trading with objects...
so where does that leave us?
Would you mind giving some example.
Thank you very much for you time.